Kathleen Horton
Your Expert Guide to
IMG Pathology Residency

Kathleen Horton has spent more than 20 years in graduate medical education as it pertains to pathology residency and fellowship education.  She has helped clients of all ages and backgrounds to develop strong residency applications and personal statements.  It is her goal to assist foreign medical graduates apply to US residency programs, particularly in pathology, by reviewing and editing personal statements and ERAS applications.  Her knowledge of pathology residency and what program directors look for and desire in a residency applicant is very broad and in depth. Kathleen has sat on numerous committees in the Department of Pathology at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC).  These committees are responsible for the selection and ranking of applicants that apply to the program.  While in this role of Academic Manager for the pathology residency and fellowships at UMMC she has interviewed thousands of applicants over the 20+ years in this position. This intimate knowledge of what makes a candidate stand out from the rest is what makes her consultations successful.