The International Medical Graduate's Guide to Pathology Residency

Guiding you towards your
pathology residency

Why Choose me?

Now more than ever it’s vital to hone your application and interviewing skills. The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed many things in our lives. It has also changed the way most universities interview for pathology residents. Most interviews will be conducted virtually and this is why it is important to develop your interviewing skills in a virtual environment. I will help with all aspects of your virtual interview such as how you appear virtually, your lighting, background and audio.  Eliminating technical issues will be essential for a successful interview. Applicants will need a strong virtual presence to have the best success.


Use someone that has interviewed thousands of candidates and reviewed thousands of applications for over 20 years. Experience matters!

Virtual Interviews

Get online virtual interview guidance. The advantage of virtual interview guidance cannot be understated in today's academic environment.


I specialize in pathology residency. Others simply pair you with someone that may or may not have any pathology experience at all.

What I Do

I will review your application documents and guide you through the interview process.  This will give you the confidence you need for a successful interview and help you highlight your specific qualities that a residency program is looking for.